Our posture and strategy of how we do relationships at New Ground.

Table-to-Table: A posture of deep relationships

Table-to-Table is how we do relationships at New Ground. It starts in the center at the Communion Table, where Jesus invited his followers to the reality that God will break Himself open and pour Himself out for the salvation of all creation.

This also was an invitation to his followers to live into, to break themselves open and pour themselves out for the sake of the world as Christ's ambassadors to humanity (2 Cor. 5:14-21), displaying what God's love looks like and the flourishing life He desires for us.

This posture is carried out in all of our relationships:

Community Table: To our relationships outside of the church community, where we collaborate with others we are in deep relationship with on how to be a blessing to our local community. From these relationships, we collaborate with others on living out the Good News, whether providing for those with physical and mental needs, being a good neighbor, or giving solace to the marginalized. We believe transformative movements of Christ see the church as a blessing to its community as it breaks itself open and pours itself out.

Banquet Table: The vision of heaven at the end of the Bible is people of every tribe, tongue, and nation. At the banquet table, we try to live into the reality of heaven as people from all different backgrounds, experiences, traditions, and more gather together to live out the Gospel.

Dinner Table: Many conversations in the Scriptures took place over a meal. At the Dinner table, walls are broken down, and we are also at our most vulnerable. It is a model of what it looks like dive into deeper relationships with others. It is always invitational and designed to be a safe space to learn and grow together.