Share Your Story!

Share Your Story!

As we continue to find ways to connect, we want you to have an opportunity to share what God is doing in your life through sharing your story. We would love to take some space during our Sunday gatherings to hear some testimonies from our community!

There are several options you can share:

1) How you came to faith in Jesus Christ?  

2) How have you seen God working in your life since COVID-19?

3) What ways have you been blessing your neighbors during this time?

4) How have you found peace in the midst of anxiety during this time?

You can record it with your computer, or even on your mobile devices.  You can send it by clicking the button below.  This will allow you to upload it to a folder where we can incorporate it into our Sunday gatherings and beyond!

A couple of suggestions:

1. Please keep to 3-5 minutes each.

2. Please don’t mention other names if you don’t have permission to share.

We have found that sharing from your laptop/desktop computer or Android phone requires you to pre-record the video, then select the file when clicking the link.  iPhones have the capability of creating a video from clicking the link without pre-recording.

If you need help navigating how to do this, please email, or feel free to call any of your more tech-savvy friends!.

We would love to feature some stories/testimonies during Sunday worship!