Sermons by Mike Lamson

Sermons by Mike Lamson

The Mark of the Beast [Rev. 13] | Mike Lamson

Mike walks through what the first centuries listeners immediately thought about when they heard the “mark of the beast.” It was an extremely clear image of their current experience. Mike connects that to what that might look like now, how it doesn’t look like all the doomsday prophecies, but begs a more important and basic question.

The Ultimate Throne Down [Rev. 4-5] | Mike Lamson

We are back to the book of Revelation where we left off last summer as we talk about the great Throne Room scene in chapters 4-5. Mike Lamson walks through how familiar the first listeners were to this imagery, but not in the way the apostle John explains it. How does this identity John describes…

Peter Almighty | Mike Lamson

Peter walks on the water. Whether you’ve heard the story or not, most are familiar with it. Most interpret this story on how we need to “keep on our eyes on Jesus and never doubt.” But this is not how the 1st-century Jewish person understood it at all. Mike Lamson walks through how the understanding of disciples believed about following their rabbi and vice-versa has a…