Our Vision

What we want to see. This is why we wake up in the morning.

"We see an authentic community inviting our neighbors to gather around the Table in the transforming grace and truth of Jesus Christ."

Vision is what we see. In other words, what is our hope for how we make disciples living in the Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40)? Our vision is why we wake up in the morning and what we always strive to see.

Our Mission is what we do, which is “Living the Good News of Jesus 7-Days-A-Week. For more details, click the card below.

Our Values are why we do the mission to see the vision. It is New Ground’s “DNA” if you will. It is our posture on how we fulfill the vision as we participate in the mission. For more on our values, click below.

Our Strategy is how we embody the mission and vision, which is through deep relationships we call "Table-to-Table." You can find out more below.