Our Mission

Want to know what we do in a nutshell? This is it.

"Living the Good News of Jesus 7 Days-A-Week."

We have an ever-evolving series of partnerships as we continue to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever we are with the gifts God has given our community. We define Outreach/Mission as proclaiming Christ’s gospel in word and action, serving peoples’ needs outside of our church community.

We believe we need to be a blessing to the local community we find ourselves in, and we do that through long-term, mutual, and intentional relationships with the resources God has given us at New Ground Church.

Values that reflect this type of mission include:

  • Community Relationships– Leadership is formed by partnering with local and global communities, not at them for our own benefit.
  • Posture of Empowerment– Posture and actions of empowering others to live out the gospel in their communities, both locally and globally.
  • “Hand up” vs “Hand out”– A “Hand Up” not “Hand Out” approach. This is only done in mutual long-term relationships.

We use these questions to help guide our decisions on how God is calling New Ground uniquely into mission:

  • Is this mutual?  Is it partnering with others outside of the church community (like our Table-to-Table strategy suggests)? Or is it self-serving?
  • Is this long-term? Is this relationship a one-time event? Or is there a conversation on continuing this relationship?
  • Is this connected to someone in the local church community? Providing additional benefits of long-term, mutual connections.
  • Is this embodying and proclaiming Christ’s Good News (The Gospel)? 
  • Is this empowering others to lead in their communities?
  • Is this lifting the welfare of the community?
  • Does this promote relationship building between our church and the community?
  • Is there a path to a “hand up?”