Children's Ministry

Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at New Ground.

Kids Ministry at New Ground

We’re excited to meet your family and have your child become a part of our Children’s Ministry! We have Sunday morning experiences designed specifically for your children from birth through 4th grade (0-3years, 4 years-Kindergarten, and 1st thru 4th) that will keep them engaged with fun activities while learning about God in a safe and loving environment. Your child will share in many laughs, build new friendships, and most importantly grow closer to Christ.

Your first visit

Here's what to expect when visiting New Ground Kids for the first time:

First, you'll check in at the welcome desk to make sure your children are registered. This also helps us get a hold of you during worship if we run into any questions concerning caring for your child.

Upon checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information (NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone):

  • Parent/guardian name(s)
  • Child's name
  • Child's birthdate
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your children

How check-in works

Before Worship: You can check-in your child at The welcome desk. Just mention your children's name(s). After finding your child’s name in the database, you and your child will be given matching name tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion while you hold on to the matching tag.

After Worship: After the service is complete, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

During Worship In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we will come in the worship center to let you know we have a need. We ask that you exit the worship center immediately with our staff member or volunteer who will direct you to your child’s room.

Parent's Viewing Room

We are currently working on a parent's viewing room with a livestream of our feed so you won't have to miss anything if you are not in the Worship Center!

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Hope Kids experience or visiting Hope Church with children, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!