Community Groups

Connect deeper by going smaller in the New Ground community.

Why Community Groups?

Community Groups are roughly 8-14 individuals sharing a meal together in a home or at the church building. It is one of the major ways that New Ground becomes smaller and helps others find deeper connections with others.

Community Groups have 3 functions at New Ground:

1. Connecting: No matter how introverted some might be, we all need deeper connections. We all need friends! Community Groups have forged some deep lasting friendships at New Ground.

2. Growing: If all you need was hang out together, it makes it a ton of fun, but we also meet together to encourage each other in our faith journey. The process of becoming more like Jesus (what the Scriptures call “disciple”) is a major part of the mission of the church. Groups do anything from walking through podcasts, Bible study, current events, and many other creative outlets engaging with Scripture.

3. Serving: If we are not trying to share the good news in word and action, we just become another club. Our groups find ways to serve the greater community with the love of Christ, whether that be through strategic partnerships with New Ground, or from other relationships group members have to be a blessing.

Community Groups usually meet twice a month at a time determined by each group.

Community Groups differ by life stage, interest, and time they can meet. Click the button below to fill out a brief survey and we’ll be in contact with you to help you find the right fit!